.: Stealth Audio Series

The Stealth Audio Series offers the ultimate rack mountable solution for the PC Based Professional.

Awesome speed , rock solid stability, near silent operation,
and aggressive stealth black styling , make these systems a must have for the PC based professional.

SAS 6K :

These Systems feature the latest, innovative, leading edge, technologies including, Intels latest i7 6K Broadwell -E Processors - highly advanced single chip CPU's containing up to 10 physical cores, a High IPC - 4 Op Wide Advanced Execution Engine, delivering incredible multithreaded processing power while maintaining high energy-efficiency, and EM64T® Extended Memory Technology extensions to allow both native 64 bit and 32 bit capability. These Systems also feature X99 Motherboards, Quad Channel PC4 21300 DDR4 Memory, NVIDIA Quadro Professional Workstation Class Graphics Adaptors, PCI-Express , USB-C, Thunderbolt 3, SSD and Serial ATA III Hard Drives with NCQ. ( Native Command Queing )

They deliver the Ultimate Processing Power for the latest Multi Threaded Native Applications with Awesome Stability, Compatability, and Proven Reliability.

This allows the end user to concentrate on the project at hand, instead of losing time, focus and creative energy on resolving system related issues.

Only the highest quality tried, tested and proven components are used, and feature a combination of Ultra Quiet Power Supplies, CPU and Case Fans , Hard Drives and Acoustic Damping Materials to ensure a Whisper Quiet working environment.

Each System is meticulously assembled, methodically tested, configured and optimized with all Relative Audio Software and Hardware. A Custom Recovery Disk is created for each individual system to enable the system to be restored to its final configuration in case of an emergency. The machine is then Delivered ( Melbourne Metro) or Shipped (Country or Interstate ) to the client.

This ensures a uniquely individual , true "Turn Key Solution" for every client .

No Down Time, No Conflicts, No Hassles !

System Examples

SAS 6K :.

.: Intel i7 6K Series/ 6-10 Core/ Hyperthreading

.: EMT64 - Extended Memory Technology

.: Intel X99 Chipset Motherboard

.: Quad Channel PC4 21300 DDR4 Memory

.: NVIDIA Quadro
Workstation Graphics

.: Serial ATA III / USB 3.0 / USB C / PCI-Express / Firewire/ Thunderbolt 3

.: Ultra Quiet Thermal Controled Power Supply
and Case Fans, Silent CPU Cooler

.: Thermally Advantaged Case Design

Windows 7 / 10 64 PRO

.: System Recovery Disk

.: Proudly Designed , Developed and 100% Supported in Australia