.: About AAVIM Technology

AAVIM Technology was founded in 2001 with the sole aim of providing PC based Musicians and Audio Engineers with not only a bullet proof DAW Solution , but also the highest level of personal service and after sales support.

Being a Musician myself ( Keyboardist/Sound Designer/ Programmer ), I understand the complexities and subtleties of maintaining the fragile creative flow, and how easily the flow can be disrupted by system related issues. We are musicians and engineers for gods sake, not propeller heads, ( O.K, I admit I am a bit of a propeller head ), so having to become a technician in the middle of a recording session, is not the most conducive environment to maintaining creativity.

So why not let someone else take care of that for you !!

I have been extensively involved in the evolving field of Music Technology for well over 15 years, and I have ridden the Technological Wave every day. I have over a decade experience in building and configuring PC based DAW's and have always taken great pride in staying one step ahead of the herd . I am only interested in delivering the Most Reliable, High Performance, Working Solutions for my clients, regardless of whether your knocking out your latest electronic opus, fine tuning your next Rock Anthem, or fighting a deadline for a valued client.


Unlike your "average" computer reseller, I am not interested in building systems for the lowest possible price, sacrificing quality and reliability for cost.

Inevitably, the old adage of you get what you pay for
rings true as a bell , especially in regards to Computer Technology. Something that is proven to me every day.
My Digital Audio Workstations are designed from the ground up, using only the highest quality, tried and tested components . Each System is meticulously assembled, methodically tested, configured and optimized with all Relative Audio Software and Hardware, No Compromises !
This ensures a bullet proof , reliable, and uniquely individual solution for each and every client.

A true personalised " Turn Key Solution " every time !

This allows you, the end user to concentrate on the project at hand, instead of losing time, focus and creative energy on resolving system related issues, after all, that's what its all about .... isn't it ?

Regards :.

Vin Curigliano