"Buying my PC from Vin Curigliano was the best thing I could have possibly done. The PC is great - super fast, quiet and reliable and the after sales service is the best. I get better support from Vin over the phone than I have ever had from any of the guys in any of the music stores. Vin really knows his stuff, but even more importantly, he is the kind of guy who genuinely wants to do the best he can for you - and that is priceless.

Like most people doing music on PC, I have experienced all sorts of problems with my system in the past - in fact, I never really got my previous DAW working properly for more than a few days in two years!!! Some days it would play twelve tracks , some days eight, other days it would struggle to play two and just blip, squeal and throw error messages at me.

Since then Vin has built me a Stealth System based on a PIII Tualatin-S 1.4GHz using the same audio card and midi controller from my old machine and now I have a machine which is rock solid reliable and so far I have not run out of either audio tracks or CPU power on any projects I have been working on - All this using the same audio card, midi controller, operating system, etc that I had been using unsuccessfully before.

I would recommend that anyone who is serious about getting a PC based DAW should get it from AAVIM - Even if you are an interstate customer like myself.

Before buying this machine I spoke to Steve Smith - one of Vin's existing customers - to get the low down on Vin. Steve was so impressed with both his PC and the service that Vin gave him that, at the time, I was amazed. Now that I have bought my machine through AAVIM I understand exactly why he was so impressed. Thanks to Steve, for your valuable advice and thanks to Vin for doing such a good job at what you do - making the BEST music PCs around.

Roger Baartz