As a performing musician Rob has worked with people such as Dionne Warwick,Elton John, Stevie Wonder, Placido Domingo, Natalie Cole, Jimmy Page and Robert Plant to name a few. He has been an orchestral leader for orchestrassuch as the Melbourne Symphony and Nagoya Philharmonic, and has played extensively as a session musician in Australia and London.

As a composer his production work includes the following:

Sound design Australian Ballet (1914), 8 x LJM Productions films
(for Southern Star TV), various commercials, string arrangements for
"The Tea Party ³"tour 1999 , a debut crossover album "Capricorn Rising".
100 years of Shell video, The Magic of Animals TV pilot., The 2001 Victorian
Tourism Awards and The MCG story (launch videos).

"As a musician I want, and guess need, a production environment which is as hassle free as possible which is why I asked Vin Curigliano at AVIM Technology to design me a PC with the power and size to handle my needs. I knew what I wanted the system to do but that¹s about where my expertise ended and Vin's began.

The last two projects I produced were huge orchestral based scores needing all the bells and whistles, for an elaborate and some times sensitive musical outcome.
This is the time when your mind is running fast and any problems can stop the creative flow. The whole process for my latest project, from beginning to end, was stress free from a technical point of view and with a deadline of just 5 days to complete 14 minutes of music any down time could have spelled disaster.

My custom designed system, running Gigastudio 160 with up to 48 tracks of sequences and audio, ran at virtual light speed never once faltering. Smooth intergration between all facets of production from beginning to end. This is what the modern musician needs and I demand. A turnkey operation where the system is designed and built, tested and installed so that from day one I could think of what I was doing musically, rather than about sound cards, mother boards, midi interface and addressing problems.

The ongoing service to do with upgrades to the system is a Godsend as I can make a single phone
call and have the answer in a matter of hours, if not immediately, rather than the usual retail crap of waiting while "Ted Dunno" tries to find answers!

I don't have time for "maybes¹" and now I don't have to deal with them. This is what I always wanted and my conversion to PC for these functions as the heart of my project facility has been a seamless and immediately accessible addition for the work I will do now and into the future.

Vote Vin #1 for personal and the most professional, and musician friendly,technical service available in Australia.

Thank you Vin! "

Rob John

Composer / Producer
Independent Music Productions Pty Ltd