"Dear Vin,

This is just a short note of appreciation and thanks for the care andprofessionalism you put into building my music PC.

I had spent literally years reading the horror stories and potential difficulties concerning PC / Soundcard configuration and optimisation of Music PC's (re: Sound on Sound, Electronic Musician, Next Music, Harmony-Central, etc).

When I finally decided to go with the PC over Mac (which meant that I could put a lot more cash into software, monitors, mic's etc), I did so only on the basis that I could locate a specialist music PC builder.

What you have delivered has exceeded all my expectations concerning the power, reliability and function that you can get out of the PC platform.

From the first time I turned on the system (two screens with a full Steinberg setup) it has performed flawlessly.
I have no idea of the potential trackcount etc, I can get out of it, but its nice to see that running 15 - 16 channels of audio/midi with full effects and dynamics that I am yet to see the CPU hit the 20% use mark.


What I wanted (no problems with the technology / the capacity to focus on the music and learning the system) you have delivered.

I also want to thank you for the helpful way that you worked with me to put together the exact system I wanted and your ability to understand what I was
trying to achieve in terms of the studio's overall design and functioning.

I find it hard to see why anyone would go with an off-the shelf PC or Mac, when they can head off problems and get great value for money by working with someone who has such a comprehensive knowledge of 'what works' in digital recording.

Thanks again and I hope that more Australian muso's find your web site."

Yours sincerely

Ian Richardson