"Having made the fatal musician's error & bought an off-the- shelf Pentium 3 in 1999,I was beginning to seriously question the viability of computer-based recording/mixing alongside my Alesis ADATS.As a user of Logic Audio I was only able to run 16 to 20 tracks of audio with minimal plug-ins before the PC gave me the "middle-finger" and stopped running.As well as this I had to immediately save every change as the program crashed every 15 minutes or less if I jumped around between screensets as a song was running...to make this more frustrating,there seemed to be quite a few guys on the Logic Users Website who had PC's that were running smoothly,with twenty+ plug-ins and 30,40+ tracks of audio.......Other guys on the site seemed to be having similar/worse problems than myself and no-one could really offer 100% foolproof information on how to solve the multitude of PC headaches.

Basically, after a day of frustration I was trawling through the Logic Users the site & noticed that one guy who seemed fairly knowledgeable was an Aussie....
I mailed him and Vinnie's name came up........same day I rang a major music store in Melbourne and asked if they knew anyone who build solid,reliable music PC's.....Vinnie's name and telephone were given.....this must be a good omen I thought.

What can I say......pure joy.....crashes are a thing of the past.Vin built me one of his black Project Series models(looks like Darth Vader-flies at the speed of light!) with the Pentium 4 2.26 cpu and a couple of IDE hard drives.No SCSI necessary,no messing about...he built it,ran it with my soundcard and nicely tweaked Windows 98SE ,for a couple of days and it was on my doorstep in Perth,Western Australia within a week.Plugged it in and I was off without one glitch.I'm in PC heaven.....don't mess about with the PC megastores...if you're really not sure which computer to buy, just take a look at all the poor buggers on the Logic Users Forum who are in PC hell because of incompatible/badly set up boxes of cheap, mismatched components/software....don't go there....call Vin.

This guy is 5 star !!!!

Dan Glasgow
Perth :