"After many frustrating years of trying to run a DAW from my Pentium II, which I purchased from a local computer shop, I realized I was in need of another system.

I finally found Vin at AAVIM technology, who has definitely built the most rock solid system

I was using a PII 400 (SCSI mainboard and SCSI HHD) with Logic Audio that only allowed me to playback eight tracks of audio and insert only two plug-ins. This system was very frustrating to operate/use and because of its limitations I was hesitant to book clients into the studio.

Now, with my fully optimised 'Stealth' system, I feel much more confident. I took the Stealth system out on the road to record a local primary school's choir. The recording was a great success. I received compliments all day regarding how rock solid this system was. I was also running an external GM sound module to play back midi data. Editing was not a problem with the Stealth system. I hooked up my midi controller for changes that needed to be made and hey presto! It worked like a charm.

I knew I had really struck a winner when a local band returned to my studio 12 months after their first recording.

"Holy #@$%"". That was literally their expression when they saw the Stealth in full working order. Just to test it out, we had 24 tracks of audio with an amazing 52 plug-ins, with 20 of these being reverbs. The rest were gates, compressors, three Autotunes, chorus etc.

Now, I would not even consider buying a green guide system for a DAW. The friendly service and confidence that Vin at AAVIM provided me was just amazing. I can now book in clients, promote the studio and rave on about the Stealth system without any worries or hesitation.
Vin, you have really provided me with a saving grace!

Anthony Tenace
A T Studios