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Thank you Vin for saving my sanity!

Working with classical music demands many hours of intimate recording and editing sessions of sometimes very dynamic material, from the softest pianos to crashing fortissimos. I was often resorting to using headphones because the noise from my computer was driving me mad. I had to have a quiet machine.

After many attempts at quieting my computer without success, and being a little shocked at the cost of some “audio” computers made overseas, I was lucky to come across Vin and his Stealth machines. They are assembled and configured in Melbourne, have great local support and, as an added bonus, are far cheaper than the competition – what could be better!

Vin delivered the system fully configured with my programmes and optimised for audio work – no more stuffing around with Windows configurations. And turning it on – well, there is barely a whisper of noise, and in fact I can sometimes only tell that it is on by looking at the light! Peace at last. Since receiving the machine 10 months ago, I have never had a crash or problem with it.

When I asked Vin about his advice for a portable solution for mobile recording work, he fitted me out with another custom-made bullet-proof system. In all of the sessions (usually carried out over four or five days of continuous all day recording) I have never had a drop-out or system crash – this while recording surround-sound 24bit/96kHz. A die-hard Mac fan even commented on the stability, speed and above- all quietness of the system! If that is not praise enough!

I thoroughly recommend Vin and his expertise. He’s competent, he’s a nice guy and his computers run without problems while being super quiet – that’s all you need in a recording business.

Thomas Grubb
Mano Musica Pty Ltd



Hey Vin,

I would like to leave some info for potential buyers of your systems.

I have been a musician/recording artist for over 30 years and been the recipient of some shonky equipment during that time. Believe me when I say that most of the products were from name brand manufacturers. The after sales service was average at best and costly most of the time.

So it was with some trepidation that I ventured to your site. SURPRISE!!!! the service is amazing and the knowledge and equipment supplied is way above anything I could have expected.

To give you potential buyers an idea of the absolute quality Vin provides I purchased a system (and not the most expensive one) around three years ago to record demos for my bands album. I was a little sceptical of the claims made re quality, as they seemed a tad unrealistic to me at first.

I was certainly reassured after speaking to Vin, at length, and decided to take the plunge.

We discussed the best product for me and when the system arrived I was amazed at how it performed, over and above my expectations.

I have run 38 tracks simultaneously, each with multi effects and eq without a single hiccup and the results were so impressive that I have recorded our first album almost entirely on the system. It surpassed my expectations time and time again and continues to do so. I am about to begin our second album and have every confidence in the world that it will be completed without any dramas at all.

In conclusion I can't speak highly enough of the product and after sales service and highly recommend this company to any potential buyer.
By the way I have received nothing for this testimonial and do it because I feel that the word needs to get out to the general public that an amazing alternative is available at a bloody reasonable price.

Buy with confidence!!!!

Bruce Holloway.


.: " The Stealth Workstation is faultless. I cannot recommend an AAVIM Technology solution highly enough ........."
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" Real World ' System performance report )

Steve Smith
Digitrax Productions
Adelaide SA


I first came across one of Vin’s machines 2 years ago. One of my friends in Adelaide SA, who is a respected and experienced engineer, had just purchased one for himself. He could not stop raving on about it. So we used it on one of my projects to mix with. It totally blew me away!!! I couldn’t believe how much power this system had. We were practically using this PC as a tape machine. This song had around 80 tracks of audio running. Plus at least 24 insert FX, and 8 send FX. And that’s without any DSP cards added ( Powercore or Uni Audio ). Plus we were bussing out 24 channels of audio into an SSL console.

So like I said, I was blown away. Within weeks of that I ordered my own STEALTH SYSTEM. Since receiving it I have been recording multiple projects with it. And I have to say that it is flawless! I have been doing a lot of live recording with this machine. So mostly recording 24 tracks simultaneously without missing a beat. Most of my projects get up to 100 tracks each. Plus heaps of Midi and FX. I just can’t fault it !

I have also referred a few other people to Vin, and they are all thrilled about their systems. I really can’t recommend these monsters enough !!!

Bernie Wedrat
Brisbane QLD.


.: "What you have delivered has exceeded all my expectations concerning the power, reliability and function that you can get out of the PC platform.

"From the first time I turned on the system (two screens with a full Steinberg setup) it has performed flawlessly."

"I also want to thank you for the helpful way that you worked with me to put together the exact system I wanted and your ability to understand what I was trying to achieve in terms of the studio's overall design and functioning.

I find it hard to see why anyone would go with an off-the shelf PC or Mac, when they can head off problems and get great value for money by working with someone who has such a comprehensive knowledge of 'what works' in digital recording."
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Ian Richardson


.: " What can I say.....pure joy.....crashes are a thing of the past.Vin built me one of his black Project Series models (looks like Darth Vader-flies at the speed of light!) with the Pentium 4 2.26 cpu and a couple of IDE hard drives.No SCSI necessary,no messing about...he built it,ran it with my soundcard and nicely tweaked Windows 98SE ,for a couple of days and it was on my doorstep in Perth,Western Australia within a week.Plugged it in and I was off without one glitch.I'm in PC heaven.....don't mess about with the PC megastores...if you're really not sure which computer to buy, just take a look at all the poor buggers on the Logic Users Forum who are in PC hell because of incompatible/badly set up boxes of cheap, mismatched components/software....
don't go Vin. This guy is 5 star !!!! "
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Dan Glasgow.


.: " Buying my PC from AAVIM Technology was the best thing I could have possibly done. The PC is great - super fast, quiet and reliable and the after sales service is the best.

I get better support from Vin over the phone than I have ever had from any of the guys in any of the music stores. Vin really knows his stuff, but even more importantly, he is the kind of guy who genuinely wants to do the best he can for you - and that is priceless. "

" I would recommend that anyone who is serious about getting a PC based DAW should get it from AAVIM -
Even if you are an interstate customer like myself. "
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Roger Baartz


.: " ... I knew I had really struck a winner when a local band returned to my studio 12 months after their first recording.

"Holy #@$%"". That was literally their expression when they saw the Stealth in full working order. Just to test it out, we had 24 tracks of audio with an amazing 52 plug-ins, with 20 of these being reverbs. The rest were gates, compressors, three Autotunes, chorus etc..... "

" .Now, I would not even consider buying a green guide system for a DAW. The friendly service and confidence that Vin at AAVIM provided me was just amazing. I can now book in clients, promote the studio and rave on about the Stealth system without any worries or hesitation.

Vin, you have really provided me with a saving grace! "
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Anthony Tenace
A T Studios


.: "My machine from AAVIMT has done nothing but run smoothly from the day I got it. It's done everything as promised and more. Having it set up properly and "tweaked" in the first place by a Pro made a big difference. I see alot of people trying to run "green guide" systems for audio and, even though they may have the same basic specs. as me, they don't get the same performance.
Having after sales support is also a big plus !
Thanks Vin."

Andrew Broadhead


"I purchased a Stealth Audio System from AAVIM Technology around Xmas 2003. It's Now April and I can say , I've had 4 months of recording and creating music hassle free!!!

The system is super fast, quiet and very reliable.
I came from the Mac platform and use SX and Protools. Since I made the switch there are no more system crashes ,those programs run "smooth as " on my Stealth System, making music is a fun process again.

I cannot praise your system highly enough.......
huge respect Vin, the Stealth Audio System rocks!!!!!!!"

Yvon Mounier
Don Peyote Recordings


.: " I was given Vin Curigliano’s details after searching for what some have said doesn’t exist: A portable, PC based, high end recording system to run Pro-Tools like any Mac . . .

I was impressed with Vin’s non-compromising attitude towards quality. I never once felt as though he was doing the hard sell and he tells it how it is without all the wank – a rare attribute in this industry.

I used Vin’s system with an M-Box to record Delta Goodrem’s vocals for the B-Side to her latest single. It was done in a hotel room in Brisbane and without any hassles from the computer.

Reliability, after sales service and technical advice is paramount to me and Vin hasn’t let me down.

Steve MacKay
Guitarist / Songwriter / Producer


.: " I have been recording in my home studio for around 4 years now and have learnt a lot along the way.
I bought my first system from a well known Melbourne music store and whilst the price etc was good the tech support left a lot to be desired.

I was referred to Vin and haven't looked back, I've managed to kill my computer a few times and a quick chat with Vin has always restored my machine.

I have dealt with a lot of tech support people (I do a lot of IT work/management in my day job) and I have never come across someone with such a wide ranging and practical IT knowledge. With this in mind when it came time to upgrade my home studio and computer, Vin was the man to see.

I could have built my machine myself for a few hundred dollars less but I wouldn't have got such a well put together, stable and well supported computer.

Vin's beasties rule and his back up is second to none.

Good stuff Vin :) "

Christian Pike
The Band Bourke


" Thanks Vin,

Not only for a great product but also for your advise and great service.

Ive been running my project 2 system with protools for almost a year without any down time whatsoever.

Having the project 2 system has allowed me to be productive without having to focus on computer related problems, and for each client that walks through the door I have peace of mind knowing that this system is going to work every time.

Thanks again. "

Ruben Becker


The Sydney Theatre opened in January 2004 as a new venue for the Sydney Theatre company, and has staged internationally and nationally renowned and recognized Productions such as, Talking Heads starring Dame Maggie Smith and Margaret Tyzack, Vanishing Point by the Philippe Genty Company, Some Rooms by Graeme Murphy and the Sydney Dance Company, Othello by the Cheek by Jowl Company.

To manage this diverse range of theatrical shows I decided to invest in powerful playback and processing software. In order to handle the amount of files and consistent work load placed on the Sound department I needed a rugged and stable platform that was as quiet as possible. I invested in the Stealth SAS 3200c PC through Vin at AAVIMT.

I am astounded at this powerful machine’s ability to play track after track at anytime while running time code and midi triggers in a live performance environment. It is extremely stable and is so quiet; my MIDAS Venice mixer makes more noise.

All these values are crucial in the live theatre environment as I need to work around ticket paying punters at full capacity.

Thank you Vin and AAVIMT.

Robin McCarthy
Sound and AV department
Sydney Theatre


"I purchased a Stealth system because it's designed for audio, from the ground up. The lack of fan noise was an unexpected bonus. Every computer should be this quiet. I'm so impressed, I never want to turn on the other two computers in my studio. Everyone needs to walk into a computer-based studio and hear the near-silence that studios used to have, years ago. It's a revelation, and a breath of fresh air. It's also a powerful reason to switch from Mac to PC, although I guess that comment will get me into trouble! Other bonuses include the software installation service, which is exceptional, and the ruggedness. It's built like a tank, but the quietest tank you've ever not heard. Two months after delivery, I'm still stoked!"

John Grant,
Session Musician
Korg Product Specialist
Musiclink Australia


"What can I say about Vin's machines that haven't been said before.

Simply put, they are the best thing going around for reliability and stability.

I record my drum tracks at home for clients and needed a system update, so I approached Vin to help me out with a new rig. That was about 2 years ago , and during this time the PC has been solid as a rock. Never hinting once that it may fall over!( like sooo many others do!)
I recorded tracks for an album( Project 3 ) and later we transferred the files over to Vin's PC, and that's where the fun began.

We found ourselves with unlimited options knowing how stable the machine was, thus enabling us to concentrate on mixing and not worrying about the technology misbehaving. The same was done for Geoff Achison's 'Little Big Man' cd in which we tracked everything onto the Stealth.

The guys were so delighted with the results.

Thanks Vin for your great product and for your words of know what i mean farkin!"

Gerry Pantazis
Session Drummer
Melbourne Australia


.." I purchased a mobile DAW package from you in September 2004 after my desktop PC system crashed and my Sony Viao proved incapable of coping with my audio recording.

I write to thank you for delivering on every promise you made.

- I wanted a mobile solution to take with me to Byron for three years whilst studying a Bachelor of Music in composition at SCU. Having already spent a month there in October for the auditions, the T42 was used day and night for sequencing and recording. It proved consistent and reliable without exception.

- I principally used Nuendo and a very large load of vst's including Stylus, Atmosphere, Trilogy, and the Grand. The load was negligible and it never crashed, not once. Very important considering I was meeting a deadline.

- I hired singers and session bass and guitarists to record through mixing desks into my Firewire Audiophile. Those musicians were impressed with the ease and felxibility of the set up given that they have neither the time nor inclination to become computer nerds in order to record a decent take. I am an amatuer at present but the session moved very efficiently and professionally thanks to your system.

- I also had established musicians with their powerbooks embarrased that their systems were far slower than mine . Being a student I was originaly disapointed at having to compromise to a PC for price. But having had the comparison in a real life setting I won't be changing to Mac. Theres no reason to.

- finally, having used Logic Platinum for 10 years I was shattered to hear they had been aquired by Apple. However, my crash course in Nuendo became an enjoyable experience given that my system never once caused a problem.

Digital recording of my music has literally become as easy as pressing the record button, leaving my head space for study and creating my compositions.

I will be happy to recommend you to any of my student, teachers and musician friends!!!

I'm proud to have this set up - thankyou."

Benjamin Lyon
Byron Bay NSW


.: "My custom designed system, running Gigastudio 160 with up to 48 tracks of sequences and audio, ran at virtual light speed never once faltering. Smooth intergration between all facets of production from beginning to end. This is what the modern musician needs and I demand. A turnkey operation where the system is designed and built, tested and installed so that from day one I could think of what I was doing musically, rather than about sound cards, mother boards, midi interface and addressing problems."

"The ongoing service to do with upgrades to the system is a Godsend as I can make a single phone call and have the answer in a matter of hours, if not immediately, rather than the usual retail crap of waiting while "Ted Dunno" tries to find answers!

I don't have time for "maybes" and now I don't have to deal with them.

This is what I always wanted and my conversion to PC for these functions as the heart of my project facility has been a seamless and immediateley accessible addition for the work I will do now and into the future.

Vote Vin #1 for personal and the most professional, and musician friendly, technical service available in Australia."
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Rob John.
Independant Music Productions


.: " After years of upgrading, trading in, trading up, turning around and tap dancing I’ve finally found someone who understands exactly what I want to achieve and is capable of providing a customized solution within the given budget. The Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) that was prepared for me by AAVIM Technology has raised the benchmark of my home project studio and allows me to concentrate on composing and producing without the worry of having to be an IT guru as well. I am amazed at the performance, speed and stability of my current DAW and using removable hard drives to overcome the need to run my administration on the same machine has turned out to be a stroke of genius. The effort that Vin put in to my project was above and beyond the call of duty and the after sales support is true peace of mind. I highly recommend AAVIM Technology to take the stress out of digital audio production. I met Vin the same week I had decided to ditch the PC and by a Mac. I’m glad I met you when I did.

Vin, will you marry me? "

Troy Dean
Hullabaloo Creative Services


.: "..... I am just speechless believe it or not - speechless.
AWESOME. AWESOME. AWESOME. Thanks Vin you really got the WHOLE system working to its full potential "

Doc Nelson
Double Hard Records


.: " Thanks Vin, I've been using the Project Series
Workstation you put together for 6 months now and it has'nt missed a beat. Could not be happier with the performance and stability, and have not looked back since changing platforms.
Thanks again"

Simon Livingstone


.: "I knew when I asked to build my DAW that I would have something special to work with.When I brought it home and plugged it in, I was totally blown away!! I had high expectations, but nothing could have prepared me for the pure power and stability of you're system.That, and the full on support you give, make you number 1 in my book.
Thanks!!! "

John Kaye
A.A.R.C Studios


.: " After months of unsuccesfully trying to break or trip our machine, we can honestly say that the Stealth Audio System is a very competant D.A.W. with no shortcomings. Using anything but a Vin creation is like going back to a Commodore 64. The only things our Stealth needs is a racing stripe and beverage holders."

Cheer's to you Vin, we're stoked!

Damien and Richard
Sound Junkies


.: " Hey there Vin,

My deep regards friend . The PC you made for me is infallable, never crashed, I only max it out when vsti's have had need for a bugfix. With my HDSP 9632 I have great results.

Once again thenk you for the BEAST Vin it is just that.."

Patric Noonan


G'day Vin,

Just finished my first CD with the new system.

Client was wrapped and product turned out well. The computer is fantastic. The sort of machine that makes a session a breeze. Thank-you very much for all your efforts in bringing it all together in time

Dean Reeves


Hey Vin,

Well we are back from our NT tour and I have to say the Stealth System you built for us worked like a dream.

It great to have a system that fires up every time and delivers the goods in any kind of environment.

We set up and recorded in 25 schools and never had a problem which is testament to your excellence.

Great stuff

Pete Arthur
Stamp Music Australia


" Congratulations on a great product Vin.

Machine always runs smoothly without any problems and you went the extra mile with technical help and service. The system offers me security and surety, after encountering many problems with PC's that were not built specifically for multi-track recording processing and mixing.

All clients have been really happy with their albums all mixed and edited on the machine without a hitch. If you require genuine understanding of your specific application, plus a kick ass power pc talk to Vin.

The guy who builds, maintains and sells the machine, is the person you will deal with. No bullshit sales pitches and genuine honesty. "

Rod Bradbury
Soul Studios
Bendigo VIC