.: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Difference Between a DAW
and a Conventional PC ?

A: Most Conventional PCs are designed and built for Mass Market Consumption.Their most typical applications are word processing ,Internet browsing ,and basic business and networking applications..

A DAW ( Digital Audio Workstation ) on the other hand is designed to manipulate and process huge amounts of digital audio in real time, which requires a fine balance of all relative component , including Motherboards, I / O Cards, Hard Drives , etc , to ensure Maximum Performance and Reliability.

All of these factors that are taken into account when designing a DAW , are a non issue in standard commercial mass market PCs. In many cases you can have an extremely fast PC that will perform very poorly for digital audio usage, and in many of these cases, no amount of tuning will give the required performance due to the choice of motherboards, chipset, hard disk, etc.

Due to the vast variety of audio, video, and PC hardware available, choosing the right combination of components can be very difficult. All my systems are based on the culmination of years of experience building and utilizing specialized PC Based Digital Audio Workstations, and are designed for Maximum Performance and Reliability.

Q: How do you Reliably achieve a Cool and Quiet System Solution ?

A: We achieve our renown whisper quiet operation - while more importantly - maintaining safe thermal levels, by a unique combination of the highest quality low noise, thermal, and anti vibration technologies, combined with custom thermally advantaged cases to ensure not only whisper quiet operation, but also adequate airflow.

Gone are the days when merely suffocating the system by closing off all available access points, encasing hard drives in sleeves and restricting air flow would be safe enough to maintain reliable operation.

While some companies are still recommending and utilising some of these techniques, it is far better to achieve the desired results by utilising innovative design combined with the available technologies, than simply continue to blindly maintain out dated and dangerous short cuts.

Q: Why should I Pay More for Your DAW's than a conventional PC ?

A: See Question 1 !